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Goodsports 2020 and Covid-19
by posted 04/27/2020

5/22 4:30 PM

Just received notice from the Recreation Department of the City of Evanston that they plan to open and begin their camps July 6. I do not know yet if this date applies to Goodsports.

They indicate their numbers will be reduced and that City camps will follow CDC and City of Evanston Health Department guidelines. As they staff their camps with high school and college students, I am confident we will re-open as Goodsports is staffed by experienced  adult teachers and coaches..

I will continue to provide updates as they become available.


Rick & Sally Weiland





Dear Goodsports Parent:

Yesterday, May 21st, I submitted a draft of our camp procedures incorporating
Covid 19 CDC guidelines for operations this summer to the City of Evanston Health
Department and School District 65. Included were many suggestions from a doctor
who is also a Goodsports parent.

The Health Department may modify the plan, approve it or reject it. Once approved, 
it will be sent to all families who must then decide whether or not to attend. If 
not enough parents feel confident (or if the plan is rejected) I will cancel camp
and present the refund options.

No further specific changes for dates or Phase 4 guidelines have yet been released.
It is terribly frustrating to attempt to plan when faced with this uncertainty
when decisions are not under our control. 

As soon as any new developments occur I will inform all. Thank you for your 
patience during these challenging times.


Rick & Sally Weiland








Dear Goodsports Parent:

Due to the committment and flexibility of School District 65, I am  cautiously optimistic Goodsports will be operating this summer. The District, however, is closed until the Governor opens up the state (currently scheduled to open June 1). Once that decision is made, hopefully we are cleared for camp. There is a possibility we may start on schedule June 15th. The start date, however, could be later depending upon the Governor. Opening could be delayed until July 6, 13 or even July 20.

We will adjust our schedule accordingly and provide for registration in August if that becomess necessary. 

Until we are certain of the dates for opening, we are closing registration for June 15-July 3, July 6-10 and July 13-17; restricting participation to those paid. Any families not paid will be on a waiting list. Our ability to add campers and open registration for the aforementioned dates will depend upon the amount of indoor space we are able to secure based on social distancing guidelines. We must plan to be inside in the event of rain so the number of participants will be limited by that restriction.

Families can continue to register for July 20-24 and July 27-31, but DO NOT PAY! We will close registration for those weeks when we reach our projected limit. (based on the amount of indoor space).

In the interim, I am requesting any health professionals who are Goodsports parents to meet, discuss and advise on program activities, social distancing guidelines and hygenic procedures to be implemented for this summer and possibly the forseeable future. 

We will continue to update you as events unfold. Sincerely, Rick & Sally Weiland



Dear Session I Parent:

This week the Governor released his plan for reopening the State. Phase 3 begins June 1 and  Phase 4 begins June 29. 

Having reviewed the Illinois Department of Health Guidelines, it appears phase 3 might be too restrictive. Phase 4 states summer camps may resume with guidance from the local health department.

As Phase 4 is scheduled to begin June 28th, if this date proves firm, Goodsports could begin June 29th, subject to City of Evanston Health Department guidelines.

To that end, I have notified that department requesting assistance. 

The dates for Session I would then be June 29-July 17 and would incorporate chidren already registered for July 6-10 and July 13-17.

Please begin thinking about how this possible change in dates could affect your summer plans. 


The actual dates for Phase 4 could change. The Governor is under pressure to reopen the State earlier. Additionally, the rate of infection in Evanston is minimal. We have around 400 documented cases, of which 100 are from nursing homes. With a population of 80,000 and 300 cases, our rate of infestion is .004; less than half of one percent. Given this scenario, we could open June 15 or June 22.

On the other hand, the Governor might extend Phase 3 into July. We will adapt and adjust to circumstances as definitive information becomes available. I am confident camp will be held at some point this summer. 


Rick & Sally Weiland





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