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Covid Vacation Clarification

Dear Families: 

Just to be clear, if your family goes away for a weekend or

goes on vacation, and has contact with fully

vaccinated people only, it is not necessary for your camper

to quarantine before returning to Goodsports. If you have

contact with those who are not vaccinated or are not sure

about contact, a negative Covid test will suffice. We accept

your word and merely wish to ensure no Covid is introduced

into our environment. 



Rick Weiland


Goodsports Update

The District 65 Board has received a staff 
recommendation to approve our lease for summer 2021.
They are scheduled to vote and approve May 17 subject 
to the condition we are limited to a maximum of 60 
campers at any one time inside the school. There is, 
however, no limit on the number we can have outside. 

Therefore, in the event of rain we will provide for
our youngest campers, Kindergarten, 1st and most 2nd 
graders to be inside. All other groups will be 
sheltered in 10x30 tents outdoors until the rain

Each summer we have an average of three rain days.
We are usually able to resume normal outdoor 
activities within 45-90 minutes. 

We have access to indoor restrooms and campers will
normally be rotated through indoor activities.

I urge you to consider carefully whether this is 
acceptable. You may always pick up your
camper if you consider a storm to be too long a 
duration for your 3d through 7th grade child to be 
sheltered in a tent where they will be playing a 
sit down or other game involving little movement.

Additionally, as the campers will be organized in
cohorts no larger than 15, with no mixing between
groups, we will not be able to offer Speciality
Camps from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. This is subject to 
change if the CDC loosens restrictions.

I also want to emphasize that if your family takes a
vacation, unvaccinated children must be quarantined 
for ten days before starting camp. A reminder also
to limit exposure after camp hours and on weekends.

As we have currently have a waiting list for Session I,
payment in full by cashier's or personal check only is 
required by May 20th. Due to varying amounts which 
families owe, it is not possible for us to accept payment 
by credit card, as our software can only be programmed 
to accept one amount. Mail to Goodsports, 2906 Central
PMB 177, Evanston, 60201. This address is the UPS Store
on Central Street. Given mail delays, to ensure your
payment arrives before the 20th, dropping a check off 
would be faster. The tuition cost is $710. Please note 
no checks will be deposited until formal School Board 
approval of our contract. Those with a credit from 2020
owe no tuition. Families on the waiting list will be
notified after May 20th if admitted. I am confident most 
will be. 

For all July Sessions, the non-refundable registration 
fee of $30 per camper per session is due by May 30th. 
We will assume campers are not attending if the fee is
not received by that time. No tuition for July Sessions 
is due at this time. 

Thank you for your understanding during these most
difficult and challenging times.


Rick & Sally Weiland
and Goodsports Staff





Dear Goodsports Families:

District 65 has requested submission of Goodsports Covid Procedures for summer camp. No commitment has been made for a lease, nor have decisions been made regarding the number of campers allowed. This is, however, a positive step toward that outcome.  

Goodsports Covid Procedures will not be released to parents until approved and/or modified by District 65.

All families will be immediately notified once District decisions are made.


Rick Weiland


Dear Goodsports Families:

We are so looking forward to 2021. As of March 9th, Goodsports has not received information from District 65 that the number of participants will be limited due to any social distancing guidelines. Therefore, effective 3/9, we are halting Session I registrations and beginning a temporary waitlist under the following caveats.

A. All families who have paid the registration fee are guaranteed a slot.  Campers will be admitted according to the date their registration fee was received and processed if the number is limited. 

B. Those families who have not yet paid their registration fee for Session I have until March 31 to do so. Their camper will be accepted when District 65 agrees to the number of participants. 

C. Beginning 3/10, those filling out the on-line application for Session I will be placed on a temporary waiting list and admitted under the following: 1) District 65 allows us to have more  participants; or  2) any of the families in B have not sent in their fee by March 31. Temporary wait list applicants will be accepted according to the date their registration fee was received and processed.

Once any information from District 65 is received, we will immediately disseminate and adjust as circumstances dictate. We do have other options under consideration to accommodate all campers who wish to attend Goodsports. 


Richard Weiland



Dear Goodsports! Parents:

A challenging year to say the least. The need for social contact and the acquisition of successful social skills by our children has never been more important. To meet this need at Goodsports!, I am preparing for the summer of 2021. Toward that end, our on line registration will begin on January 2d.

Enrollment maximum will be limited to 200-225 campers. The maximum will be determined by CDC guidelines for indoor activities (in the event of rain). Whether campers need to wear masks and attempt to maintain social distancing outside is as yet undetermined. CDC guidelines will apply to staff as well. We will keep abreast of vaccinations for staff and children.

At this time we have set up the website to block payment by credit card. All new families applying, as well as families who received a refund for 2020 will need to submit a check for $30. This non refundable fee completes your registration and secures a camp slot for your child. It is separate from tuition and applies to each session you enroll (there are 5 sessions). Please indicate with a note which session (s) you are enrolling  your camper. A receipt will be emailed. Checks should be mailed to: Goodsports, 2906 Central, PMB 177, Evanston, Il 60201.

Once District 65 confirms our use of Lincolnwood School, tuition payment by check or credit card will need to be received within two weeks after you are notified. 

If you chose a credit from 2020 for 2021, you will still need to complete the on line application. Confirmation will be emailed and you WILL NOT need to submit a check for the registration fee as your slot is guaranteed.  Note that Goodsports! has 5 sessions. The clerical work for each is the same whether 3 weeks or 1 week. The $30 fee is waived only for the number of sessions you enrolled in 2020: ex; if you enrolled in 3 sessions in 2020 your fee would be waived for enrolling in three sessions in 2021. If you were enrolled in 1 session in  2020 and enrolled in 3 sessions in 2021 you will need to submit the fee for two sessions to complete registation.

Thank you.

Please email questions to




Rick & Sally Weiland & the Goodsports! Staff

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