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by posted 12/26/2020


District 65 has cancelled our camp for Monday, July 5. All who have registered will receive a $50 refund for that session. For those who were counting on us and have no child care option, I have several people who will be at Lincolnwood at 9:00 am and available for child care. Please pay them directly with whatever rate you negotiate. I have also arranged for a porta potty for the premises. 

You may contact Chuck Carra directly at 847 744-2447 to make arrangements or email me directly at and I will forward to Chuck and Mike Williams.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please note this was not our decision.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in what continues to be a very challenging year.


Rick Weiland & the Goodsports Staff





Dear Goodsports Parents:.



We are off to a smooth start thanks to your cooperation. As parents are not allowed inside the building, to facilitate communication, we are setting up an outdoor office under a red topped tent near the parking lot on Grant St. It will be staffed from 8:45-9:45 AM  and 12:30-1:30 PM each day. During those times, you may call Executive Assistant Jena Barber, 312 953-8977, or myself, 847 997-7567, instead of the inside office phone. Please feel free to stop by if you have questions, suggestions or concerns . 


Rick, Sally and Dan Weiland & the Goodsports Staff









Session I Covid Update and Highlight of Camp Changes 

We waited until today to disseminate information based upon the Governor's update yesterday on opening the State. Unfortunately, few of the lessened restrictions apply to schools which are the guidelines under which we operate. The complete document of covid and camp procedures will be emailed. Your camper's Group Leader will be contacting you as well. A preliminary group roster will also be sent.The highlights are listed below:

Vaccinated parents/caregivers may bring their child to the group. Please wear a mask and maintain social distance. Unvaccinated parents/caregivers to remain in car. Staff member will escort camper to group.

In the event of rain, parents of campers in groups A, B, C and D may come to the door. No parent/caregiver is allowed inside the building (unless medical emergency).

Drop off and pick up times have been staggered to facilitate the process. Please do not be in a hurry. We have to collect the self-certification form in the morning and campers must be signed out in the afternoon.

The self-certification form will be emailed. Please download. If you forget your form, we will have to fill it out with you at morning drop off. This will slow down the process.

In your campers backpack (which they will carry from activity to activity all day), please include a water bottle, an extra mask, lunch and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Staff will check each morning at drop off. We will provide extra masks at no cost if missing. We will provide a small bottle of hand sanitizer if missing. You will be billed for hand sanitizer if missing. We will provide a paper cup for drinking water if missing. We cannot, however, provide any food if lunch is missing.

Groups A, B, C and D will be dropped off on Colfax curbside (heading east only). Groups E,F,G, and H will be dropped off on McDaniel (curbside only heading south). 

The camp office phone number is 847 859-8550 extention 6418. Do not listen to the message as it loops. Dial the extention immediately. Phone coverage from 9 am-1:30 pm. You may also text information directly to your group leader.

Thank you for your support in this very difficult process. We are excited for camp! Be assured your campers will be safe. 


Rick & Sally Weiland and the Goodsports Staff






Great News! The CDC has relaxed their guidelines for camps. Campers may now be in groups or cohorts up to 30. Therefore, we are once again opening up registration for Session I. Additionally, there are no longer any wait lists for July sessions. More information on new Covid Procedures to come soon.


Rick Weiland





Covid Vacation Clarification

Dear Families: 

Just to be clear, if your family goes away for a weekend or

goes on vacation, and has contact with fully

vaccinated people only, it is not necessary for your camper

to quarantine before returning to Goodsports. If you have

contact with those who are not vaccinated or are not sure

about contact, a negative Covid test will suffice. We accept

your word and merely wish to ensure no Covid is introduced

into our environment. 



Rick Weiland


Goodsports Update

The District 65 Board has received a staff 
recommendation to approve our lease for summer 2021.
They are scheduled to vote and approve May 17 subject 
to the condition we are limited to a maximum of 60 
campers at any one time inside the school. There is, 
however, no limit on the number we can have outside. 

Therefore, in the event of rain we will provide for
our youngest campers, Kindergarten, 1st and most 2nd 
graders to be inside. All other groups will be 
sheltered in 10x30 tents outdoors until the rain

Each summer we have an average of three rain days.
We are usually able to resume normal outdoor 
activities within 45-90 minutes. 

We have access to indoor restrooms and campers will
normally be rotated through indoor activities.

I urge you to consider carefully whether this is 
acceptable. You may always pick up your
camper if you consider a storm to be too long a 
duration for your 3d through 7th grade child to be 
sheltered in a tent where they will be playing a 
sit down or other game involving little movement.

Additionally, as the campers will be organized in
cohorts no larger than 15, with no mixing between
groups, we will not be able to offer Speciality
Camps from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. This is subject to 
change if the CDC loosens restrictions.

I also want to emphasize that if your family takes a
vacation, unvaccinated children must be quarantined 
for ten days before starting camp. A reminder also
to limit exposure after camp hours and on weekends.

As we have currently have a waiting list for Session I,
payment in full by cashier's or personal check only is 
required by May 20th. Due to varying amounts which 
families owe, it is not possible for us to accept payment 
by credit card, as our software can only be programmed 
to accept one amount. Mail to Goodsports, 2906 Central
PMB 177, Evanston, 60201. This address is the UPS Store
on Central Street. Given mail delays, to ensure your
payment arrives before the 20th, dropping a check off 
would be faster. The tuition cost is $710. Please note 
no checks will be deposited until formal School Board 
approval of our contract. Those with a credit from 2020
owe no tuition. Families on the waiting list will be
notified after May 20th if admitted. I am confident most 
will be. 

For all July Sessions, the non-refundable registration 
fee of $30 per camper per session is due by May 30th. 
We will assume campers are not attending if the fee is
not received by that time. No tuition for July Sessions 
is due at this time. 

Thank you for your understanding during these most
difficult and challenging times.


Rick & Sally Weiland
and Goodsports Staff






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